Chief Operation Team

  • Linda, S.Sn
    Linda, S.Sn Operational Coordinator

    Linda has always been meticulous on details. This ability honed with her passion for arts has proven useful repeatedly to refine our grand performances: team and students. She is known as a calm and reserved person, but, she is always ready to listen and provide ideas to anyone who is looking for guidance.

  • Sherly Morina, SP
    Sherly Morina, SP Academic Coordinator

    Growing up, never once Sherly thought of becoming a teacher. She was introduced to her love of teaching when she got the chance to​ teach in a preschool during college. Ever since, she pursued her passion in early childhood education and embraced Montessori as her chosen method for ​teaching ​young children.

  • Uren Sangiang Siallagan, SE
    Uren Sangiang Siallagan, SE Vice Academic Coordinator

    As a cheerful and enthusiastic person, Accounting job felt dissonant to her. Hence, in 2002, she left her well paid behind the table job and became a teacher. With her bold and sanguine personality, she is a fun person to be with. Her love for young children make her a great preschool teacher and program coordinator.

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