From the Founder’s Desk

Emmy Suparmin – Founder

Canada Accredited Montessori Educator

Ontario Registered Early Childhood Educator

International Brain Gym Instructor

TEACCH for Special Need Practitioner

Mother of Two Children

Ontario, Canada

Emmy is first and foremost, a loving mother of two children and their education is of utmost importance to her.  At the infancy stages of her childrens’ lives the methods of child education and learning processes caught her attention. Emmy was curious to know how a child could learn independently. This curiosity led her to carry out many research studies on child education.

Emmy’s initial goal when she founded this school, in 2005 was:

  • To provide a better education for her children.
  • To raise her children in a different educational system
  • She did not believe that marks, tests, high ranking and endless memorizations were all that mattered.
  • Children needed to learn in an independent environment
  • They need to develop their independence in solving academic tests and practical skills
  • There was a need to create a learning environment where they will develop the interest to learn math and reading out of a passion for the subjects, not out of an obligation to learn.

Emmy also believes it is important for the children to have a different perspective of life.  To understand there is more to life beyond test scores and academic ranking.

That children should embrace the understanding that they do not need to be passed through a stereotyped educational system where students go through the same process every term and end up with exactly the same results.

Here is what makes the Montessori learning system work:

  • A team of well-trained teachers in this field is needed to work as a team.
  • Each teacher supports every student with the help of the parents.
  • Parents and teachers work together.
  • The parents are encouraged to support the children in terms of establishing a good communication line.

With this method of education, children will develop practical problem-solving skills and the gifts/talents of those children who might have never stood a chance of discovering these potentials will be identified and encouraged.

Even though it takes a village to train a child, it is with a great pleasure and commitment that Emmy embraces the sacrifice needed to transform children to become future world changers!

Our Mission, Vision & Culture

Our Mission
- Our model of education is based on Montessori Philosophy
- Building Excellent Character among teamwork and children
- Building connective communication with parents
- Creating homely and fun environment
- Providing professional teamwork
To provide advanced education based on the pillar of the Montessori philosophy and in doing so the children of the future will develop excellent character.
Our Vision
To be a safe and secure environment that you can find a model of education to build the whole person
Through providing a safe and secure learning environment children will not only benefit academically, they will benefit in countless other areas of life!
The 3 Pillars of Our Culture

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